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Aero Warm-up pants- streak yellow

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[High quality zipper]--- smooth and easy zipping with Japanese-made YKK zipper

[Comfortable fabrics]--- Italian and Swiss-made vega fabrics

[No fading ink]---Colors are more bright and will never be faded with Italian ink

[高品質拉鍊]--- 採用日本YKK拉鍊,滑順好拉

[舒適面料]--- 使用義大利及瑞士蜂洞萊卡面料

[不退色墨水]--- 使用義大利墨水讓顏色更加鮮豔,永不退色

The series of our garment is designed and developed in cooperation with the world-renowned brand National Sports. We use the best technology, and the printing inks are imported from Italy. For cycling pants, we use Italy made ELASTIC INTERFACE cushions to make cycling become more comfortable.

The imported European fabrics for Slinsuits and aero TT gloves were designed with wind tunnels to minimize resistance during competitions. The fabric also functions with moisture wicking, perspiration, and ultraviolet resistance . All of our fabrics are moisture wicking and perspiration. We lead a unique style in sports wear, and we always stay at the forefront of the world.

我們一系列的服裝是和世界知名的品牌National Sports所合作設計及研發。

我們用最好的科技技術: 印刷墨水选用意大利进口墨水,骑行裤我们选用意大利制作的ELASTIC INTERFACE坐垫,令骑行更加舒适。

Slinsuits及aero TT gloves,选用的欧洲进口面料,具有风洞设计,帮助在競賽時阻力减到最低。面料还具有吸湿排汗和防紫外线功能。所有面料都有吸湿排汗功能。在服裝上面,我們有具有獨特的風格,隨時走在世界的前端。

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